Careworks Foundation (CWF), established in 2014, is the CSR arm of Quess Corp. CWF is a non-profit initiative with a vision to actively contribute to the welfare of the community and create a positive impact in the lives of people. Through its focus on healthcare and education, CWF aims to build a healthy & educated workforce and thereby provide sustainable livelihood for the marginalised sections of society.

School Enhancement Programme: CWF School Enhancement Programme is the flagship education initiative of Careworks Foundation, aimed at the holistic development of government schools. Its objective is to support quality education for underprivileged children, with special emphasis on education for girls and children from marginalised communities. It includes:

School Environment Programme: The mission of this programme is to create physical school infrastructure in a manner that enhances the attractiveness of schools among children, encourage them to attend classes regularly and also strengthen their learning outcomes. Hence, it strives to build schools that are safe, comfortable, attractive, child-friendly and accessible to all children.

Health Programmes: CWF organises general, dental and eye camps to ensure the general well-being of students. In FY 2016-17, CWF’s health programmes covered 2,000 children and treated major dental issues.

Stakeholder Engagement: School Mapping is a tool to understand the efficacy of existing facilities, and to undertake improvement measures required to bring in positive change, involving all stakeholders.

Other Initiatives:

  • TLP (Teacher’s Learning Programme)
  • TEP (Talent Exhibition Programme – Makkala Santhe)
  • Employee Volunteer Programme(Joy of Giving)

Reach: Working with 40+ schools, 8000+ children and 200 teachers at present.